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Air Control Techniques, P.C. senior personnel have between 20 and 45 years of field experience in air emission testing, ambient air monitoring, and industrial air pollution control equipment performance optimization.

Photochemical Dioxin-Furan Control Systems

Innovative photochemical system to destroy dioxin-furans in industrial gas streams


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On April 12th, EPA posted the wet stack filterable PM2.5 test method developed by Air Control Techniques, P.C. with the sponsorship of the American Petroleum Institute and the National Council of Air & Stream Improvement. This new method substantially reduces the bias to higher-than-true filterable PM2.5 emissions by providing for a direct measurement of filterable PM2.5 emissions in droplet-laden and/or moisture saturated gas streams. A link to the EPA OTM 36 citing is provided below.


Air Control Techniques, P.C. is ready to help operators of wet scrubbers obtain more accurate (and lower) filterable P2.5 emission measurements.